Masaya Volcano: Being the volcano of Nicaragua best known internationally for its great beauty, particular appearance and its lake of burning lava make it an excellent option in terms of tourism, being this one for which the acrobat Nick Wallenda will perform his reckless azaña.
Isletas de Granada: More than 365 formations originated by a violent avalanche from the Mombacho Volcano that happened in 1570. Today they have become an enviable tourist attraction and one of the main engines of foreign and community tourism; which house hotels, restaurants, recreation areas, among others.
Ometepe Island: Declared a Biological Reserve by UNESCO, in addition to having unique characteristics such as: being the only island that has two volcanoes and that is located within a freshwater lake.
Granada: Considered the Paris of Central America. It is one of the points most visited by foreign tourists today, due to its old colonial architecture, museums, galleries, hotels, restaurants, bars and an old-fashioned atmosphere.
Corn Island: Recognized for having the best beaches in Nicaragua; its white sand, crystal clear waters, varied cuisine and good music make it an excellent vacation destination.