Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Nicaragua safe?

Yes!!! It is one of the safest countries in Central America! We live in the quaint village of San Juan del Sur where my husband grew up. We have NEVER had any problems other than petty theft. The people are warm, friendly, and generous! However, developing countries are not a place to bring your valuables.  Leave your diamond rings and expensive things at home. You won’t need them here. 

  • What are the covid requirements in community?

Each family makes their own choices for themselves. You will not be required to be vaccinated, wear a mask, or social distance. The option is yours and we respect everyone’s choices.

  • How close is the airport to Nica World School?

The capital of Nicaragua is Managua (MGA) and that is where the airport is. It’s approximately 2.5 hours from our community. We are located in Southern Nicaragua in the charming fishing village of San Juan del Sur. There are 2 airports in Costa Rica that you can fly into. Liberia is about 2 hours away and San Jose is about 5 hours away. 

  • Is transportation from the airports available?

Yes, we offer transportation from the airport in Managua directly to Nica World School for $140. We also offer transportation from the Costa Rican border for $75. We can arrange transportation to pick you up in Liberia, Costa Rica for $110 and bring you to the border where we will then meet you on the other side once you’ve stamped your passport.

  • How do I pay for extra activities/excursions I want to do?

We are not a tourism company, but we can help you arrange your private fishing trips, zip lining, horseback riding, private surf lessons, massage, etc once you are here. All payments are made directly to those vendors in cash. Only bigger stores or restaurants accept credit card payments. Most locals do not even have a bank account. Cash is currency here. You can pay in dollars or cordobas. ATMs are in town.

  • How will I do my laundry?

Most Nicaraguans use a “pilla” to wash their clothes. It’s a sink that is outside with a cement washboard in it. We will teach you how to use it and get quite the workout. There is also a laundry service in town. You will have the opportunity to go to town and drop off/pick up your clothes twice a week with our free shuttle or you can hire a taxi to go anytime you want.  

  • What should I bring?

You can buy almost everything you want here, but it will be much more expensive. We recommend bringing:
-Lots of your favorite sunblock
-Bug repellent
-Comfy cotton clothes, nothing fancy
-Sandals & water shoes like keens 
-Beach towels
-Water bottles
-Your daily medications
-Camera and all your chargers for phones,tablets, etc

  • What is your cancelation policy?

All payments are nonrefundable unless you are able to find a family to come in your place. Once you arrive on premise,  we are unable to issue ANY refunds should you choose to leave the program early. 

  • What type of electricity does Nicaragua use?

110 volt, 2/3 prong outlets. No need to bring anything special. You will have electrical outlets in room to charge your devices.

  • How far is Costa Rica from

    Nica World School?

We are approximately 45 minutes from the border of Costa Rica. The closest airport is Liberia, which is 1.5 hours from the border making your total travel time from Liberia to Nica World School nearly 2.5 hours plus the border crossing.

  • Is transportation available if I want to go somewhere?

Nica World School only provides transportation to scheduled activities and excursions. We provide free shuttles to town  twice a week. Taxis are available to come and pick you up at the villa if you would like to have your own adventure or go to a different beach. You can also rent cars, ATV’s and motorcycles.

  • How much money should I bring?

I would suggest bringing whatever you’re comfortable with. There are ATMs in town that you can easily make withdrawals from. Keep in mind that international withdrawals carry a hefty transaction fee on both sides. We get dinged USD$20 per withdrawal! Some of the best international cards for traveling that have zero fees for making withdrawals are Charles Swabb, Chase, and Capital One.