Nica World School is currently on PAUSE! We are not offering any future sessions at this time! We are traveling the world along side you! If you’d like to connect in Central America or Mexico, please drop us a line!!

****************************************  CLOSED UNTIL 2023  *********************************

Hola and welcome to Nica World School!! We invite families from all over the world to come and learn about Nicaragua in a community setting! Our goal is for you to unplug and spend time TOGETHER as a family building meaningful connections while immersed in nature & Nicaraguan culture.  We are located in the charming fishing village of San Juan del Sur, nestled between the mountains on the Pacific coastline.  Imagine spending the day in a sunny tropical paradise learning about Nicaraguan culture, eating delicious healthy food, and connecting with other families from around the globe. Days at Nica World School are infused with local foods, wildlife, tropical flora & fauna, learning activities, and field trips to the pristine beaches.

– Beautiful accommodation.

– 3 culturally influenced meals/day prepared by a cook, fresh fruit, hand-made tropical juices & self-serve smoothies, purified water.

– On-site classes & activities (yoga, Spanish, nature based art, salsa/merengue dance class, traditional folklore dancing class, Nicaraguan cooking, juice making, fruit/plant identification and tasting. 

– Transportation to off-site excursion to the gorgeous beaches.

Sorry, we are not offering any sessions at this time! We are closed until 2023 as we are currently traveling and worldschooling our own children! We will be posting our adventures on our Instagram & FB page. Please reach out if you’d like to meet up along the journey! We love meeting new friends!

Included classes, activities, & excursions:

  • Spanish
  • Yoga
  • Art class
  • 3 weekly excursions to the pristine beaches
  • cultural/archeological experience to a family farm 
  • Traditional Folklore Presentation 
  • Salsa and merengue dance lessons
  • Trip to turtle sanctuary ( Seasonal )
  • Swimming in the pool
  • Nature based board games
  • Cooking class once per week
  • Tropical juice making
  • Bird watching
  • Monkey watching
  • Crocodile observation @ Marsella
  • Creative circles

A La Carte Activities that we can help you arrange:


  • Horseback riding (USD$35/person)
  • Zip lining (USD$35/person)
  • Kayaking (USD$10)
  • Boogie Boarding ($3-$7/depending on beach you rent from)
  • Paddle boarding (USD$10)
  • Private surf lessons (USD$25)
  • Surf board rentals (USD$10)
  • Spa packages (vary)
  • Guided meditation
  • Massage (USD$20-$35/hr)
  • Fishing trips on private charter boat (USD$475/day)
  • Private charter to secluded bay of Costa Blanca (USD$280)
  • Family day trips to colonial city of Granada
  • Family trips to Ometepe Island 
  • Family trips to Laguna de Apoyo
  • Classes in holistic Nicaraguan medicine

The World is Our Classroom


We are constantly learning from our environments. Our classes take place Monday- Friday in several organic settings. We learn on site in our “classroom”, though it is not a traditional one. At Nica World School you have autonomy over your own body. As long as you are not disruptive to others, you learn how you’d like.  We learn about the marine life, the tides, currents, waves, fossils, and archeology at the many beaches. We learn about the flowers and plentiful fruits from the trees and tropical plants that surround us. Nature teaches us about the birds and animals we see and hear. We learn from the local community when they share their local knowledge of nature, farming, fishing, and anthropology. We learn how to make tropical juices and traditional Nicaraguan cuisine from local women. We learn how to open ripe coconuts and drink the tasty water inside. We learn how to cut bananas from the trees and use their leaves for making nacatamales. We learn how to communicate in another language by practicing Spanish with our friends and teachers.



Each week we go on three excursions to the many pristine beaches, cultural monuments, traditional farming experiences, local resorts, bonfires on the shore, and epic sunsets. Sunsets are a nightly ritual and an absolutely  beautiful way to end our fun filled days. Transportation to all scheduled offsite excursions is included. However, any purchases you may make at restaurants, bars, or resorts are at your own expense. This also includes kayak, paddle board, surfboard, and boogie board rentals. Sometimes the group chooses to do an a la carte activity together. Examples are chartering a boat to secret coves or a catamaran for a sunset cruise, zip lining through the canopies of the jungle, or hiring a guide for a sloth tour in the forest. Each session is different because we make decisions together as a community. Some excursions (private beaches like Playa Hermosa or Nacascolo Bay) have nominal entrance fees that range from $1-$3/person.

La Flor Turtle Preserve


One of our most incredible field trips is to the federally protected turtle sanctuary. There are two phenomenas that occur seasonally. The first is the female Olive Ridley emerging from the waters to lay their eggs. This occurs 4 times a year and is referred to as the “Arriiba”. Tens of thousands of female turtles make their way back to the beach they were born to lay eggs of their own. The process is absolutely amazing to behold. The second phenomenon occurs approximately 45 days later when the tiny hatchlings emerge from their eggs and make their journey to the sea. We have no control over nature and we truly wish to share these experiences with you while you are here. If their is turtle activity, we will absolutely make every effort to go even if that means a midnight excursion (which is most often when the females lay their eggs). La Flor Turtle Preserve is located about an hour away from Nica World School. The entrance fees to the preserve are $6/adults and $3/children.

Traditional Folklore Dancing


We take immense joy in sharing our culture with you. Folklore embodies a deep sense of cultural pride for most Nicaraguans. Many of the dancers have been training since they were very little. Once a week we have a beautiful presentation of folklore dancing. It is a site you will not want to miss! The music, ornate costumes, and traditional movements are simply spectacular! We also teach dance classes in traditional folklore as well as salsa, merengue, and bachata. Come ready to dance your heart out! We are all beginners, so please do not be embarrassed to move your body! Just let loose, shake it, and have some fun!

Weekends are unscheduled down time for your family to relax at the pool on site or go traveling around the country on your own or with the new friends you make here. We recommend you check out the colonial city of  Granada, the volcanic crater Laguna de Apoyo, Isla de Ometepe, and Volcano Masaya. We want you to have a wonderful time exploring Nicaragua with us and on your own. We are not a travel agency, but we can assist you in making your travel plans. We’ve been exploring places for you to visit and have some great suggestions for you! We have a list of recommendations for lodging, restaurants, and transportation. You will need to plan and make those reservations for your family. Several families have rented cars and explored on their own time. We can also help you find a driver. A la carte activities/excursions are paid in cash directly to the vendor. Please keep in mind, all activities may not be available everyday. There are ATMS in town that you will be able to make withdrawals.

We will only have space for 6 families a session! We can accommodate 3 families no larger than four members. And 3 bigger families of 5-6 that will share two rooms side by side. Each room has their own private bathroom. There will be a waiting list in case we have a cancellation. Payment is due in full upon registration via Zelle or Wise (formerly Transferwise). The booking process involves a video chat with your family. Reach out to me to discuss availability, your preferred payment options, and scheduling dates for your family interview.

Full refunds will only be issued if a family on the waiting list is able to take your place. I realize the world is completely unpredictable right now and I would like to be as flexible as the budget allows.